Ballplayer Author Chipper Jones
ISBN-10 9781101984413
Year 2017-04-04
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Penguin

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones—one of the greatest switch-hitters in baseball history—shares his remarkable story, while capturing the magic nostalgia that sets baseball apart from every other sport. Before Chipper Jones became an eight-time All-Star who amassed Hall of Fame–worthy statistics during a nineteen-year career with the Atlanta Braves, he was just a country kid from small town Pierson, Florida. A kid who grew up playing baseball in the backyard with his dad dreaming that one day he’d be a major league ballplayer. With his trademark candor and astonishing recall, Chipper Jones tells the story of his rise to the MLB ranks and what it took to stay with one organization his entire career in an era of booming free agency. His journey begins with learning the art of switch-hitting and takes off after the Braves make him the number one overall pick in the 1990 draft, setting him on course to become the linchpin of their lineup at the height of their fourteen-straight division-title run. Ballplayer takes readers into the clubhouse of the Braves’ extraordinary dynasty, from the climax of the World Series championship in 1995 to the last-gasp division win by the 2005 “Baby Braves”; all the while sharing pitch-by-pitch dissections of clashes at the plate with some of the all-time great starters, such as Clemens and Johnson, as well as closers such as Wagner and Papelbon. He delves into his relationships with Bobby Cox and his famous Braves brothers—Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz, among them—and opponents from Cal Ripken Jr. to Barry Bonds. The National League MVP also opens up about his overnight rise to superstardom and the personal pitfalls that came with fame; his spirited rivalry with the New York Mets; his reflections on baseball in the modern era—outrageous money, steroids, and all—and his special last season in 2012. Ballplayer immerses us in the best of baseball, as if we’re sitting next to Chipper in the dugout on an endless spring day.

Bo knows Bo

Bo knows Bo Author Bo Jackson
ISBN-10 0385416202
Year 1990-10-01
Pages 218
Language en
Publisher Doubleday Books

The candid autobiography of professional athlete Bo Jackson describes his troubled youth, his discovery of sports, his struggle to attend college, his athletic achievements, his family life, and his success on and off the field

Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente Author Montrew Dunham
ISBN-10 1439136521
Year 2008-09-05
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Roberto Clemente Walker was a Puerto Rican professional baseball player. He played 18 seasons at right field for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was a National League, Most Valuable Player once, All-Star twelve times (15 games), batting champion four times, and Gold Glove winner twelve times. In 1972, Clemente got his 3,000th major league hit. Clemente was very involved in charity work in Puerto Rico and Latin American countries during the off seasons. He died in an airplane accident on December 31, 1972, while en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. Now readers can explore how his childhood influenced his life.

Lyman Bostock

Lyman Bostock Author K. Adam Powell
ISBN-10 9781442252066
Year 2016-12-09
Pages 350
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

Lyman Bostock Jr. had baseball in his blood. The son of a former Negro League standout, Bostock began his professional career with the Minnesota Twins in 1975. Two years later, he became one of the first players in major league baseball to cash in on the new era of free agency, signing with the California Angels for more than $2 million—one of the richest contracts in sports history at that time. But Bostock’s true potential would never be known. On September 23, 1978, Bostock was shot and killed in Gary, Indiana. He was just 27 years old. In Lyman Bostock: The Inspiring Life and Tragic Death of a Ballplayer, K. Adam Powell tells the story of Bostock’s humble beginnings in Birmingham, Alabama, his coming-of-age in Los Angeles, his involvement in the Black Power movement, his brief yet impactful baseball career, and his senseless murder in 1978. Those who knew Bostock and played alongside him believed he was good enough to win multiple batting titles, and perhaps even make the Hall of Fame some day. More than just a ballplayer, Bostock was known as a stand-out citizen who never forgot where he came from, investing hours of his time giving back to his community, visiting with local youth, and hosting baseball clinics. Lyman Bostock captures a remarkable era in professional baseball, an era when ballplayers such as Bostock still engaged closely with their fans even as power shifted from management and owners to the players. Through careful research, exclusive interviews, and rarely-seen photographs, Bostock’s life and the times in which he lived are conveyed in intimate detail. For baseball fans of all ages, Lyman Bostock’s biography is a poignant and inspiring story of an upcoming star whose life was cut much too short.

The Ballplayer a Novel Based on a True Story

The Ballplayer  a Novel Based on a True Story Author David Oliphant
ISBN-10 1614932379
Year 2014-04
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Peppertree Press

This story takes place in the 1950's, when baseball was at its best. Dave Roth, grew up in a tough neighborhood in the South Bronx. He was a religious Jew and a warlord of a local gang. During a rumble with a rival gang from Spanish Harlem, Irena Rosario, his girlfriend, accidentally gets shot and killed on her way to church. Dave is considered guilty until proven innocent, and spends time in jail until his parents bail him out. He goes on to finish high school. The New York Yankees become aware of Dave's athletic talents which leads to the Yankees signing him to a Minor League contract. He is assigned to the Class "D" Olean Yankees in upstate New York. He has an incredibly good season and is brought up to the Major Leagues to pitch a pivotal game against the Boston Red Sox. In the meantime, the GM has a vendetta against Dave and was against the owner's decision to bring him up in the first place. He gets the dirt on Dave's past from a third party that may cause his career to be over before it begins. Does he clear his name in make the start?

Memories of a Ballplayer

Memories of a Ballplayer Author Bill Werber
ISBN-10 9781933599472
Year 2013-10-24
Pages 250
Language en
Publisher SABR, Inc.

Rich in anecdotes and humor, Bill Werber's Memories of a Ballplayer is a clear-eyed memoir of the world of big-league baseball in the 1930s. Originally published by SABR in hardcover in 2000 and in paperback in 2001, the book is still in print, but now also available as an ebook.

Name That Ballplayer

Name That Ballplayer Author Wayne Stewart
ISBN-10 9781626368934
Year 2013-12-13
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

Taking a cue from the legendary TV game show Name That Tune, Wayne Stewart's Name That Ballplayer is a unique baseball quiz book. This is not just a list of questions followed by the answers. Readers are given three sets of clues to help them name the ballplayer in question. If they get the player on the first clue, they are awarded five points. If they require a second clue, they get only three points. And if they need the final clue they're still rewarded, but with only one point. Not only are the clues given in "tiers," but the book's four chapters run from extremely easy (e.g., identifying the likes of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron) to much more obscure (where was Mickey Mantle born? what do you remember about Johnny Bench?).

Billy Southworth

Billy Southworth Author John C. Skipper
ISBN-10 9781476602103
Year 2013-04-02
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher McFarland

"Billy Southworth was the most successful major league baseball manager of the 1940s including the three straight years in which his St. Louis Cardinal teams won more than 100 games. He won three National League pennants with the Cardinals and one with the Boston Braves, and his .597 winning percentage is the fifth highest in baseball history"--Provided by publisher.

Lesbian Subjects

Lesbian Subjects Author Martha Vicinus
ISBN-10 0253330602
Year 1996
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher Indiana University Press

The growth in cultural studies has brought homosexuality to the center of work on gender and sexuality. The lesbian is now an accepted subject for scrutinyÑshe exists, but how do we define her history, whom do we include, and when did it begin? Lesbian Subjects includes essays drawn primarily from Feminist Studies from 1980 to 1993 and traces lesbian studies from its beginnings, examining the difficulties of defining a lesbian perspective and a lesbian pastÑa culture, social milieux, states of mind. The contributors are Susan K. Cahn, Tee A. Corinne, Heather Findlay, Karen V. Hansen, Anne Herrmann, Akasha (Gloria T.) Hull, Elizabeth Meese, Leisa D. Meyer, Lisa Moore, Makeda Silvera, Martha Vicinus, and Elizabeth Wilson.

The Game from Where I Stand

The Game from Where I Stand Author Doug Glanville
ISBN-10 9781429947206
Year 2010-05-11
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Macmillan

An insider's revealing look at the hidden world of major league baseball Doug Glanville, a former major league outfielder and Ivy League graduate, draws on his nine seasons in the big leagues to reveal the human side of the game and of the men who play it. In The Game from Where I Stand, Glanville shows us how players prepare for games, deal with race and family issues, cope with streaks and slumps, respond to trades and injuries, and learn the joyful and painful lessons the game imparts. We see the flashpoints that cause misunderstandings and friction between players, and the imaginative ways they work to find common ground. And Glanville tells us with insight and humor what he learned from Jimmy Rollins, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, and other legendary and controversial stars. In his professional career, Glanville experienced every aspect of being a player—the first-round pick, the prospect, the disappointment, the can't-miss, the cornerstone, the veteran, the traded, the injured, the comeback kid. His eye-opening book gives fans a new level of understanding of day-to-day life in the big leagues.