Dear Taylor

Dear Taylor Author Eija Jimenez
ISBN-10 1533601100
Year 2016-12-08
Pages 368
Language en

Taylor Phillips was working as a barista in NYC the day the twin towers came crashing down. Seeing her city in shambles, coated in ash, and American lives lost, she enlisted to fight the War on Terror. Daniella Melo, a Rhode Island American History teacher, challenges her class to write letters to soldiers fighting overseas. With one name left and a student short, Daniella takes it upon herself to write letters to Private Taylor Phillips stationed in Afghanistan. Over the next two years, the women exchange letters, sharing stories of their daily lives: Daniella trailing after her rambunctious daughter, Jackie, and dealing with overeager seniors planning prom while Taylor trudges through sand and dirt, driving her humvee in cold deserts. Their friendship continues to grow until it becomes something so much more than either women expect.

Flight Sqa016

Flight Sqa016 Author A.E. Radley
ISBN-10 3955334473
Year 2016-03-16
Pages 324
Language en
Publisher Ylva Verlag E.Kfr.

Spurred on by overwhelming and ever-increasing debts, Emily White takes a job working in the first-class cabin on the prestigious commuter route from her home of New York to London with Crown Airlines. A gruelling transatlantic schedule means she is in the air nearly as much as she is on the ground and desperately misses her five-year-old son. On board she meets Olivia Lewis, who is a literal high-flying business executive with a weekly commute, a meticulous schedule, and terrible social skills. When a personal emergency brings them together, will Emily be able to swallow her pride and accept help from Olivia? And will Olivia be able to prevent herself from saying the wrong thing?

Popcorn Love

Popcorn Love Author Kl Hughes
ISBN-10 3955332659
Year 2015-09-08
Pages 368
Language en

A prominent figure amongst New York City's fashion elite, Elena Vega is a successful businesswoman and single mother to an adorable three-year-old son, Lucas. Her love life, however, is lacking, as those closest to her keep pointing out. At the persistent urging of her closest friend, Elena reluctantly agrees to a string of blind dates if she can find a suitable babysitter for Lucas. Enter Allison Sawyer, a free-spirited senior at New York University. Elena is intrigued by Allison's ability to push her out of her element, and the young woman's instant and easy connection with a normally shy Lucas quickly earns Allison the job. After each blind date, Elena returns home to complain to Allison about her lacking suitors. As they bond, Elena begins to realize that the person possessing all the qualities she most desires might just be the woman who has been in front of her the entire time. The vast difference between the two women's social statuses, however, may be an obstacle not easily overcome.

My Dear President

My Dear President Author Gerard W. Gawalt
ISBN-10 1579125522
Year 2005
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Black Dog & Leventhal Pub

More than half of the warm and inspiring personal correspondence included here has never before been published, making this a historic as well as a heartfelt compilation that reveals the private side of our most public figures. This beautiful and fascinating collection of letters, telegrams, cables, memos, and cards between U.S. presidents and their wives has been culled from the Library of Congress and various presidential libraries and private collections. It is the most comprehensive ever put together, and is sure to cast new light on our leaders in their most private and vulnerable moments. Each letter appears in its entirety, with the original spelling and grammar intact, and is set in historic context for a full sense of the moment that formed its backdrop. In most cases, exchanges are included, forming a dialogue between husband and wife. Gerard W. Gawalt has divided the book thematically into such topics as love, war, politics, travel, and sorrow. Each section is illustrated with handsome and historic artwork from the LOC's own collection, much of it never before published. Biographies of the correspondents are included, as well as sources for further reading. Like its successful counterpart, "First Daughters, My Dear President is bound to become a cherished gift for history buffs for years to come.

The Neville Chamberlain Diary Letters

The Neville Chamberlain Diary Letters Author Robert Self
ISBN-10 9781351963770
Year 2017-07-05
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

As a primary source of historical evidence and insight, it is difficult to overstate the value and importance of Neville Chamberlain's diary letters to his sisters.A They represent the most complete and illuminating 'insider' record of British politics between the wars yet to be published.A From 1915 Chamberlain wrote detailed weekly epistles to his sisters until his death in 1940; a confidential account of events covering the quarter of a century during which he stood at the very centre of Conservative and national politics.A Beyond the fascination of the historical record of people and events, these letters are extremely valuable for the remarkable light they throw upon the personality and character of the private man lurking behind the austerely forbidding public persona.

Dearest Ones at Home

Dearest Ones at Home Author Katrina Maloney
ISBN-10 9781631529306
Year 2014-10-21
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher She Writes Press

On November 5, 1917, Taylorville, Illinois native Clara Taylor stepped off a Trans-Siberian Railway train into a city then called Petrograd, Russia. Employed by the YWCA as an industrial expert, Clara had been sent to Russia to help establish Associations in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) and Moscow. Her main charge while in Russia was to survey and report on factory conditions, but Clara only spent a fraction of her stay in Russia visiting factories; due to the vagaries of the political, social, and economic revolution—the upheaval of an entire culture—Clara and her colleagues spent most of their first year in Russia teaching English, home economics, book keeping, literature, and basketball, and sponsoring lectures, dances and sing-alongs for Russian working women. Clara’s letters, collected in this book, tell of both the mundane and the extraordinary: what the YW staff ate for dinner; how the Bolshevik suppression of free speech impacted Americans’ ability to communicate with those at home; shootings in the streets; bartering for pounds of sugar; conversing with nobility, with intellectuals, and with workers; attending the opera; and sight-seeing at monasteries. Together, Clara’s letters to her family—her “dearest ones at home”—tell a compelling story of one American woman’s experiences in Revolutionary Russia.

Dear America

Dear America Author Bernard Edelman
ISBN-10 0393323048
Year 2002
Pages 326
Language en
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company

A collection of letters, poems, and petitions from the front, written mostly by infantrymen to their families and friends, evokes the mingled emotions of an intense longing for home, fear, hope, grief, and anger aroused by the Vietnam War. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen Hours Author Meghan O'Brien
ISBN-10 9781602822795
Year 2008-05-01
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher Bold Strokes Books Inc

Can you fall in love in thirteen hours? It's her birthday but lonely workaholic Dana Watts is at the office late, drafting a proposal. The very last interruption she expects comes in the form of the most beautiful breasts she has ever seen. These belong to an incredibly hot woman, who is standing in front of her, stripping to music. Laurel Stanley performs strip-o-grams to pay her way through school. She has never encountered a more ungrateful recipient than Dana. The uptight project manager makes it clear that she is furious to be distracted from her work by the gift a colleague sent and equally appalled by Laurel's occupation. After Dana is rude and insulting, and insists on escorting Laurel from the building, the two women take an elevator ride that changes everything. Stuck with each other for thirteen long hours after the elevator breaks down, they discover how wrong first impressions can be and how right two strangers can feel together. Can everything change in less than a day? Dana and Laurel set out to discover if their passionate elevator encounter can mean more in this fast-paced, erotic story of lust, loneliness, fantasy, and desire.

More Letters of Note

More Letters of Note Author
ISBN-10 9781782114550
Year 2015-10-01
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Canongate Books

More Letters of Note is another rich and inspiring collection, which reminds us that much of what matters in our lives finds its way into our letters. These letters deliver the same mix of the heartfelt, the historically significant, the tragic, the comic and the unexpected. Discover Richard Burton's farewell note to Elizabeth Taylor, Helen Keller's letter to The New York Symphony Orchestra about 'hearing' their concert through her fingers, the final missives from a doomed Japan Airlines flight in 1985, David Bowie's response to his first piece of fan mail from America and even Albus Dumbledore writing to a reader applying for the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. Including letters from: Jane Austen, Richard Burton, Helen Keller, Alan Turing, Albus Dumbledore, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry James, Sylvia Plath, John Lennon, Gerald Durrell, Janis Joplin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Janis Joplin, Hunter S. Thompson, C. G. Jung, Katherine Mansfield, Marge Simpson, David Bowie, Dorothy Parker, Buckminster Fuller, Beatrix Potter, Che Guevara, Evelyn Waugh, Charlotte Brontë and many more.

The Death of Reconstruction

The Death of Reconstruction Author Heather Cox RICHARDSON
ISBN-10 0674042697
Year 2009-06-30
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Harvard University Press

Historians overwhelmingly have blamed the demise of Reconstruction on Southerners' persistent racism. Richardson argues instead that class, along with race, was critical to Reconstruction's end. She reveals a growing backlash from Northerners against those who believed that inequalities should be addressed through working-class action, and the emergence of an American middle class that championed individual productivity and saw African-Americans as a threat to their prosperity.

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln Volume 1 1832 1859

The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln  Volume 1 1832   1859 Author Abraham Lincoln
ISBN-10 9783849679675
Pages 388
Language en
Publisher Jazzybee Verlag

Lincoln the man became Lincoln the hero, year by year more heroic, until today his figure grows ever dimmer, less real. This should not be. For Lincoln the man, patient, wise, set in a high resolve, is worth far more than Lincoln the hero, vaguely glorious. Invaluable is the example of the man, intangible that of the hero. And, though it is not for us, as for those who in awed stillness listened at Gettysburg with inspired perception, to know Abraham Lincoln, yet there is for us another way whereby we may attain such knowledge-through his words-uttered in all sincerity to those who loved or hated him. Cold, unsatisfying they may seem, these printed words, while we can yet speak with those who knew him, and look into eyes that once looked into his. But in truth it is here that we find his simple greatness, his great simplicity, and though no man tried less so to show his power, no man has so shown it more clearly. This is volume one out of two of his papers and writings, covering the years 1832-1859.

Dear General MacArthur

Dear General MacArthur Author Rinjirō Sodei
ISBN-10 0742511162
Year 2006-01-01
Pages 306
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

"Written by people of all ages and walks of life, the letters raise issues ranging from Japanese war crimes to the future of the emperor system, from the behavior of American occupation troops to pleas for the United States to annex Japan. Some writers offered to serve as spies for the occupation forces; others appealed for help in solving individual problems, protested allegedly unfair treatment by the occupation, or made detailed recommendations for the reform of Japanese society."--BOOK JACKET.