Group Homes

Group Homes Author Brian J. Connolly
ISBN-10 1627221654
Year 2015-04-16
Pages 332
Language en

Group Homes fills a critical gap in the literature by analyzing and applying federal antidiscrimination law to the practical problems of planning for and regulating group homes for people with disabilities.

Study Guide for Wolf Journal a Novel

Study Guide for  Wolf Journal  a Novel Author Sue Knopp
ISBN-10 9781589398276
Year 2005-12-01
Pages 60
Language en
Publisher Virtualbookworm Publishing

This study guide is the academic companion to Brian Connolly's "Wolf Journal." Set in the Allegheny Mountains of northern Pennsylvania, farm boy Jimmy Warren finds wolf tracks in the snow - even though no wolves have been in these woods for a hundred years. The tracks lead him deeper into his passion for nature guided by Hawk, an old Susquehannock storyteller. Along the way, Jimmy falls in love with the beautiful Sherry Woolman who shares his love of the wild. As a school project, Jimmy keeps a journal on wolves. In order to protect the wolf he discovered, Jimmy writes about him as if he is fiction. The Tanner brothers, a derelict pair of would-be bounty hunters, threaten to destroy the perfect balance of nature that Jimmy has found. "Wolf Journal" is a journey into the natural world where intricate details, like the imprint of a wing in snow, tell a larger story - one of endangered species, an endangered planet, and the human spirit that strives to understand and protect.


Awakened Author Brian Connolly
ISBN-10 1633674908
Year 2014-11-25
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Tate Publishing & Enterprises

There has never been a greater moment in time where the church must take a good, hard look at itself and see that we say so much and live so little. We claim that we believe that God loves us, and yet we fall apart when someone doesn�t return a phone call. We claim we believe that people will one day spend an eternity separated from God, and yet we do not weep for the lost. We claim we believe that the Bible is the word of God and yet spend so little time reading it. We claim we are alive and yet our garments reek of death. We�ve become more fascinated with what we think we know rather than what we live. We�ve been educated past our level of obedience. AWAKENED is an alarm that�s been set to awaken the church out of its slumber. It will challenge the reader to seek God in a greater way until they burn with the fire of what it is they say they believe and will once again cause each person to fall in love with the simplicity and beauty of the gospel message. It�s time to see. It�s time to believe.

Domestic Intimacies

Domestic Intimacies Author Brian Connolly
ISBN-10 9780812209853
Year 2014-04-03
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press

Although it is commonly thought that incest has been taboo throughout history, nineteenth-century Americans evinced a great cultural anxiety that the prohibition was failing. Theologians debated the meaning and limits of biblical proscription, while jurists abandoned such injunctions and invented a new prohibition organized around the nuclear family. Novelists crafted fictional tales of accidental incest resulting from the severed ties between public and private life, while antislavery writers lamented the ramifications of breaking apart enslaved families. Phrenologists and physiologists established reproduction as the primary motivation of the incest prohibition while naturalizing the incestuous eroticism of sentimental family affection. Ethnographers imagined incest as the norm in so-called primitive societies in contrast to modern civilization. In the absence of clear biological or religious limitations, the young republic developed numerous, varied, and contradictory incest prohibitions. Domestic Intimacies offers a wide-ranging, critical history of incest and its various prohibitions as they were defined throughout the nineteenth century. Historian Brian Connolly argues that at the center of these convergent anxieties and debates lay the idea of the liberal subject: an autonomous individual who acted on his own desires yet was tempered by reason, who enjoyed a life in public yet was expected to find his greatest satisfaction in family and home. Always lurking was the need to exercise personal freedom with restraint; indeed, the valorization of the affectionate family was rooted in its capacity to act as a bulwark against licentiousness. However it was defined, incest was thus not only perceived as a threat to social stability; it also functioned to regulate social relations—within families and between classes as well as among women and men, slaves and free citizens, strangers and friends. Domestic Intimacies overturns conventional histories of American liberalism by placing the fear of incest at the heart of nineteenth-century conflicts over public life and privacy, kinship and individualism, social contracts and personal freedom.

Effective Physical Security

Effective Physical Security Author Lawrence J. Fennelly
ISBN-10 9780124158924
Year 2012
Pages 365
Language en
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann

"Designed for easy reference, the Fourth Edition contains important coverage of environmental design, security surveys, locks, lighting, and CCTV as well as new chapters covering the latest in the ISO standards for Risk Assessment & Risk Management, physical security planning, network systems infrastructure, and environmental design. This new edition continues to serve as a valuable reference for experienced security practitioners as well as students in undergraduate and graduate security programs"--

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming Author Simon Priest
ISBN-10 073605250X
Year 2005
Pages 328
Language en
Publisher Human Kinetics

Through Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming, Second Edition, readers will enhance their understanding of this rapidly growing profession. The authors provide in-depth descriptions and real world applications of the technical, organizational, instructional, and facilitative skills that are essential to adventure leadership. They also identify what they call the metaskills that superior leaders use to combine the other essential skills seamlessly and effectively.

Assumption Based Planning

Assumption Based Planning Author James A. Dewar
ISBN-10 0521001269
Year 2002-10-17
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This book offers examples and practical advice for analysis conducting assumption-based planning.