The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey Author Sam Lawrence
ISBN-10 0995234027
Year 2016-10-19
Pages 44
Language en

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey is a beautifully illustrated journey of Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart as they attend Timmy's first hockey tryouts. Chaos and laughter ensue as the Fart attempts to help out his best friend the only way he knows how.

The Day My Fart Followed Me Home

The Day My Fart Followed Me Home Author Ben Jackson
ISBN-10 0995234035
Year 2016-09-28
Pages 34
Language en

If you and your child love to read together, then you are going to love this! The Day My Fart Followed Me Home is a beautifully illustrated journey of Timmy and how he meets his new friend! If you enjoy reading funny books with gorgeous pictures and love your child to read along with you, then make sure you grab The Day My Fart Followed Me Home! Discover and giggle along with Timmy on his unexpected journey with his new best friend!


Hockey Author Shane Frederick
ISBN-10 9781429673211
Year 2011-08-01
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Capstone

"Presents the mathematical concepts involved with the sport of hockey"--Provided by publisher.

Hockey Moms Aren t Crazy

Hockey Moms Aren t Crazy Author Jody M. Anderson
ISBN-10 0988366215
Year 2013-10-29
Pages 88
Language en
Publisher Lake 7 Creative

Hockey Moms... if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? (Besides Soccer Moms!) This book pays tribute to Hockey Moms everywhere with hilarious illustrations, jokes and stories - including contributions from Hockey Moms and hockey greats, like Mike Eruzione! Finally, a book that gives us the credit we deserve! (Well, okay, our kids deserve a little credit, too.)

Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve Author Brian Kenny
ISBN-10 9781501106330
Year 2016-07-05
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

MLB Network host and commentator Brian Kenny uses stories from baseball's present and past to examine why we sometimes choose ignorance over information, and how tradition can trump logic, even when directly contradicted by evidence.

Hockey Morning Noon and Night

Hockey Morning Noon and Night Author Doretta Groenendyk
ISBN-10 1927502306
Year 2015-02-01
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Acorn Press

Pepper is a boy whose life is centered around hockey, from the cereal he eats in the morning, through the events of the day, when he takes part in a team practice and a pickup game in his flooded and frozen backyard, until he falls asleep.

Barley a Possum s Own Story

Barley  a Possum s Own Story Author Gail Diederich
ISBN-10 1614932751
Year 2014-07-14
Pages 44
Language en
Publisher Peppertree Press

The tiny baby possum could have ended up as a vulture's meal after his mother was hit by a car on a busy highway, but in stepped a vet tech who rescued the little guy. No one could have guessed the unique relationship that developed and how the little possum came to be loved by thousands of people. Along the way, he has helped others learn how special possums really are. His story is one to be cherished and his sweet pictures enjoyed by all ages.

Smartphone Movie Maker

Smartphone Movie Maker Author Bryan Michael Stoller
ISBN-10 0763694118
Year 2017-03-14
Language en
Publisher Candlewick Press (MA)

Everything you need to know to make awesome movies with a smartphone. That’s a wrap! And . . . action! Did you know that all it takes to be a filmmaker is a smartphone and a little creativity? This essential guide to making movies on a smartphone offers all kinds of tips, techniques, and instructions on how to edit and add special effects to your film. With easy-to-follow advice on building a narrative and clear concepts, Smartphone Movie Maker gives young film buffs all the tools needed to start shooting their own masterpieces. The box even transforms into a lens-fitted film projector to slot a smartphone into, so budding directors can watch their creations play out onscreen for the ultimate cinematic experience. Special features include: • A fully illustrated, hands-on director’s handbook • A storyboarding book to sketch out a shot-by-shot breakdown of the film • Card sheets to make a retro popcorn box • Pre-printed tickets to invite family and friends to the film premiere


Outliers Author Malcolm Gladwell
ISBN-10 9780141903491
Year 2008-11-18
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Penguin UK

From the bestselling author of Blink and The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Story of Success overturns conventional wisdom about genius to show us what makes an ordinary person an extreme overachiever. Why do some people achieve so much more than others? Can they lie so far out of the ordinary? In this provocative and inspiring book, Malcolm Gladwell looks at everyone from rock stars to professional athletes, software billionaires to scientific geniuses, to show that the story of success is far more surprising, and far more fascinating, than we could ever have imagined. He reveals that it's as much about where we're from and what we do, as who we are - and that no one, not even a genius, ever makes it alone. Outliers will change the way you think about your own life story, and about what makes us all unique. 'Gladwell is not only a brilliant storyteller; he can see what those stories tell us, the lessons they contain' Guardian 'Malcolm Gladwell is a global phenomenon ... he has a genius for making everything he writes seem like an impossible adventure' Observer 'He is the best kind of writer - the kind who makes you feel like you're a genius, rather than he's a genius' The Times

My First Book of Hockey A Rookie Book

My First Book of Hockey  A Rookie Book Author Editors of Sports Illustrated for Kids
ISBN-10 1618931776
Year 2016-09-20
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Sports Illustrated

Next up in the fan-favorite Rookie Book series, Sports Illustrated Kids explains the coolest game in the world to its youngest fans. The puck drops, skates flash, and sticks fly-a hockey game is underway! With a fun mix of Sports Illustrated action photography, simple text, a full glossary of terms, and cool graphics, My First Book of Hockey introduces readers to the basics. Kids (and maybe a few adults, too!) will learn how power plays work, how the three-period game flows, what a hat trick is, what's up with the referee's crease, and more. An illustrated "rookie" character appears on every page, guiding the reader moment by moment, and helping to make My First Book of Hockey an ideal shared reading experience between parents and their young rookies before, during, and after the game.


Bear Author Marian Engel
ISBN-10 0879236671
Year 1987
Pages 141
Language en
Publisher David R. Godine Publisher

A lonely woman journeys toward inner freedom and strengths and a sense of communion with all living creatures

Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey

Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey Author Andrew Sherburne
ISBN-10 1592983626
Year 2010
Pages 26
Language en
Publisher Beavers Pond Press

Today is the day that Ben and Lucy have been waiting for the ice is finally frozen and they can play pond hockey! The kids put sticks on their shoulders for the traditional trek to the rink where they meet their friends for a game of two-on-two. Playing until the sun sets, Lucy and Ben zoom and twirl across the ice, passing the puck and scoring goals. This is sports the way nature intended: full of fun, friends and the great outdoors. Clever rhymes and charming illustrations bring to life the warm traditions of a day spent at the rink a perfect introduction to pond hockey for young fans!

The Million Dollar Goal

The Million Dollar Goal Author Dan Gutman
ISBN-10 142422103X
Year 2003-01-01
Pages 167
Language en

Twins Dawn and Dusk live for hockey, but their dad hates the game and their foul-mouthed grandmother thinks they are wasting their time shooting pucks. When their dad gets tickets to the Canadiens game, they can?t believe their luck! Includes table of contents and author profile. Chapter Book: 20 chapters.

The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye Author J. D. Salinger
ISBN-10 1517020131
Year 2015-08-23
Pages 162
Language en

Holden begins his story at Pencey Preparatory, an exclusive private school (fictional, though based on Salinger's own experience at Valley Forge Military Academy) in Agerstown, Pennsylvania, on the Saturday afternoon of the traditional football game with rival school Saxon Hall. Holden ends up missing the game. As manager of the fencing team, he loses their equipment on a New York City subway train that morning, resulting in the cancellation of a match. He goes to the home of his history teacher named Mr. Spencer. Holden has been expelled and isn't to return after Christmas break, which begins the following Wednesday. Spencer is a well-meaning but long-winded middle-aged man. To Holden's annoyance, Spencer reads aloud Holden's history paper, in which Holden wrote a note to Spencer so his teacher wouldn't feel bad about failing him in the subject.

The Song Machine Inside the Hit Factory

The Song Machine  Inside the Hit Factory Author John Seabrook
ISBN-10 9780393241938
Year 2015-10-05
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company

“An utterly satisfying examination of the business of popular music.” —Nathaniel Rich, The Atlantic Over the last two decades a new type of hit song has emerged, one that is almost inescapably catchy. Pop songs have always had a "hook," but today’s songs bristle with them: a hook every seven seconds is the rule. Painstakingly crafted to tweak the brain's delight in melody, rhythm, and repetition, these songs are highly processed products. Like snack-food engineers, modern songwriters have discovered the musical "bliss point." And just like junk food, the bliss point leaves you wanting more. In The Song Machine, longtime New Yorker staff writer John Seabrook tells the story of the massive cultural upheaval that produced these new, super-strength hits. Seabrook takes us into a strange and surprising world, full of unexpected and vivid characters, as he traces the growth of this new approach to hit-making from its obscure origins in early 1990s Sweden to its dominance of today's Billboard charts. Journeying from New York to Los Angeles, Stockholm to Korea, Seabrook visits specialized teams composing songs in digital labs with new "track-and-hook" techniques. The stories of artists like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Rihanna, as well as expert songsmiths like Max Martin, Stargate, Ester Dean, and Dr. Luke, The Song Machine shows what life is like in an industry that has been catastrophically disrupted—spurring innovation, competition, intense greed, and seductive new products. Going beyond music to discuss money, business, marketing, and technology, The Song Machine explores what the new hits may be doing to our brains and listening habits, especially as services like Spotify and Apple Music use streaming data to gather music into new genres invented by algorithms based on listener behavior. Fascinating, revelatory, and original, The Song Machine will change the way you listen to music.