The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean Author Colin Woodard
ISBN-10 9781612300535
Year 2011-05-31
Language en
Publisher New Word City

Here's the true story of the British Royal Navy's struggle with the greatest pirate gang of all time. Drawing on archives in Great Britain and the United States, award-winning journalist and author Colin Woodard separates fact from fiction, revealing the real motivations and struggles of Blackbeard, Black Sam Bellamy, Calico Jack Rackham, and more.


Blackbeard Author Dan Parry
ISBN-10 0948065699
Year 2006
Pages 192
Language en

This work accompanies a multi-million pound BBC drama that explores the reality of the man behind the beard. Far from the caricature of films and novels, Blackbeard was a complex character who was a charming as he was ruthless.

Black Barty

Black Barty Author Aubrey Burl
ISBN-10 9780752495972
Year 2006-01-19
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher The History Press

Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart, was easily one of the most successful and deadly pirates in all of history. He went to sea at a young age and took to pirate life well. After his ship was taken by pirates, and he was made to join their ranks, Roberts proved himself and was elected captain in 1719. Two years after Roberts was made captain he had accumulated over 51 million pounds worth of treasure and had taken close to 400 ships throughout the Americas, Africa and Europe. He was fearless in battle but good to his prisoners and fair to his crew. He drank a lot of tea instead of alcohol, was well-mannered and clean shaven, and discouraged drinking and gambling among his crew. He is believed to be the first pirate to fly the skull and crossbones. Despite his brief career, Roberts created a reputation that can never be surpassed. Along with his success and bloodthirstiness, he was said to have been "an unusual character for this age, described as tall, good-looking, teetotal, and always well dressed. He possessed a ruthless skill in the piratical arts of intimidation and seamanship, and was highly regarded by his crew."

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean Author Edward Kritzler
ISBN-10 9781781313763
Year 2014-04-04
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Aurum Press

At the end of the fifteenth century, the Spanish Inquisition forced many Jews to flee the country. The most adventurous among them took to the high seas as freewheeling outlaws. In ships bearing names such as Prophet Samuel, Queen Esther, and Shield of Abraham, they attacked and plundered the Spanish fleet while forming alliances with other European powers to ensure the safety of Jews living in hiding. Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean is the entertaining saga of a hidden chapter in Jewish history, and of the cruelty, terror and greed that flourished during the Age of Discovery. Among the many daring figures to feature in the book are: ‘the Great Jewish Pirate’ Sinan, Barbarossa’s second-in-command; Rabbi Samuel Palache and his brother, Joseph, who went from commanding pirate ships to founding the first openly Jewish community in the New World; and Abraham Cohen Henriques, and arms dealer who used his cunning and economic muscle to find safe havens for other Jews. Filled with high-seas adventures including encounters with Captain Morgan and other legendary pirates – and detailed portraits of cities stacked high with plunder, such as Port Royal, Jamaica, Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean captures a gritty and glorious era of history from an unusual and eye opening perspective.

Lost Treasures of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Lost Treasures of the Pirates of the Caribbean Author James A. Owen
ISBN-10 9781416939603
Year 2007-05-08
Pages 27
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Maps of the sailing routes of actual pirates, locations of sunken pirate ships, profiles of pirates and their gangs, tales of their treasures, and more are provided in a guide filled with fun-facts, treasure-hunting clues, and colorful illustrations.

The Republic of Pirates

The Republic of Pirates Author Colin Woodard
ISBN-10 9780547415758
Year 2008-05-12
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The untold story of a heroic band of Caribbean pirates whose defiance of imperial rule inspired revolt in colonial outposts across the world In the early eighteenth century, the Pirate Republic was home to some of the great pirate captains, including Blackbeard, "Black Sam" Bellamy, and Charles Vane. Along with their fellow pirates—former sailors, indentured servants, and runaway slaves—this "Flying Gang" established a crude but distinctive democracy in the Bahamas, carving out their own zone of freedom in which servants were free, blacks could be equal citizens, and leaders were chosen or deposed by a vote. They cut off trade routes, sacked slave ships, and severed Europe from its New World empires, and for a brief, glorious period the Republic was a success.

Spanish Gold

Spanish Gold Author David Cordingly
ISBN-10 9781408822166
Year 2012-03-29
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

The amazing true story of Blackbeard, Calico Jack and all the other pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Woodes Rogers, the privateer turned governor of the Bahamas, who brought them to book.


Blackbeard Author Robert Lee
ISBN-10 0752447270
Year 2008
Pages 235
Language en
Publisher History Publishing Group

Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, was one of the most notorious pirates ever to plague the Atlantic coast. He was also one of the most colourful pirates of all time, becoming the model for countless blood-and-thunder tales of sea rovers. His daring exploits, personal courage, terrifying appearance, and fourteen wives made him a legend in his own lifetime. The legends and myths about Blackbeard have become wilder rather than tamer in the 250 years since his gory but valiant death at Ocracoke Inlet. It is difficult for historians, and all but impossible for the general reader, to separate fact from fiction. Author Robert E. Lee has studied virtually every scrap of information available about the pirate and his contemporaries in an attempt to find the real Blackbeard. The result is a fascinating and authoritative study that reads like an exciting swashbuckler. Lee goes beyond the myths and the image Teach so carefully cultivated to reveal a new Blackbeard - infinitely more interesting as a man than as a legend. In the process, he has captured the spirit and character of a vanished age, ‘the golden age of piracy.’

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Author Robert Louis Stevenson
ISBN-10 9781616413330
Year 2010-09-01
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher ABDO

In Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of pirates, Jim Hawkins, Squire Trelawney, and Dr. Livesey have hired a crew to sail to Treasure Island in search of buried treasure. When their ship, the Hispaniola, is taken over by Long John Silver, it is a fight to stay alive and be the first to find the treasure. Follow the high seas adventures in the Calico Illustrated Classics adaptation of Stevenson's Treasure Island.

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean Complete Edition Volume 1 2

The Real Pirates of the Caribbean  Complete Edition  Volume 1 2 Author Captain Charles Johnson
ISBN-10 9788026877479
Year 2017-05-26
Pages 555
Language en
Publisher e-artnow

This world famous book tells biographies of the greatest pirates who ruled the seas in 18th century. The author, Captain Charles Johnson, was crucially influential in shaping popular conceptions of pirates and more importantly he inspired the classics such as Treasure Island, Peter Pan, On Stranger Tides…; and more recently the movie saga Pirates of the Caribbean and the series Black Sails. This history introduced many features which later became common in pirate literature, such as pirates with missing legs or eyes, the notion of pirates burying treasure, and the name of the pirate flag the Jolly Roger. The book covers the lives and incredible exploits of the following pirates and their crew: Captain Avery Captain Martel Captain Teach, alias Blackbeard Major Stede Bonnet Edward England Charles Vane Captain John Rackam Captain John Phillips The Life of Mary Read & Anne Bonny Captain Howel Davis Captain Bartho Roberts Captain Anstis Worley George Lowther Edward Low John Evans Captain Spriggs An Account of the Pyracies and Murders committed by Philip Roche, &c. The Trial of the Pirates at Providence An Abstract of the Civil Law and Statute Law now in Force, in Relation to Pyracy Captain Misson John Bowen William Kid Captain Tew Halsey Thomas White Captain Condent A Description of Magadoxa Captain Bellamy Captain William Fly Of Capt. Thomas Howard Of Captain Lewis Of Captain Cornelius Of Capt. David Williams Of Capt. Samuel Burgess Of Capt. Nathaniel North Of Captain Teach Of Major Bonnet Of Captain Worley Of Captain Martel Of Captain Vane Of Captain Bowen Captain Charles Johnson is the British author whose real identity remains a mystery but the manner in which he demonstrates a knowledge of the sailor's speech and life, suggests that he could have been an actual sea captain or a professional writer using a pseudonym who was well versed in the sea.

Pirates of the Caribbean The Price of Freedom

Pirates of the Caribbean  The Price of Freedom Author A.C. Crispin
ISBN-10 9781423152514
Year 2011-05-17
Pages 672
Language en
Publisher Disney Electronic Content

Twenty-five-year-old Jack Sparrow is a clean-cut merchant seaman pursuing a legitimate career as a first mate for the East India Trading Company. He sometimes thinks back to his boyhood pirating days, but he doesn't miss Teague's scrutiny or the constant threat of the noose. Besides, he doesn't have much choice—he broke the Code when he freed a friend who had been accused of rogue piracy, and he can no longer show his face in Shipwreck Cove. When Jack's ship is attacked by pirates and his captain dies in the altercation, he suddenly finds himself in command.

Empire of Blue Water

Empire of Blue Water Author Stephan Talty
ISBN-10 0307382753
Year 2007-04-17
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Broadway Books

He challenged the greatest empire on earth with a ragtag bunch of renegades—and brought it to its knees. Empire of Blue Water is the real story of the pirates of the Caribbean. Henry Morgan, a twenty-year-old Welshman, crossed the Atlantic in 1655, hell-bent on making his fortune. Over the next three decades, his exploits in the Caribbean in the service of the English became legendary. His daring attacks on the mighty Spanish Empire on land and at sea determined the fates of kings and queens, and his victories helped shape the destiny of the New World. Morgan gathered disaffected European sailors and soldiers, hard-bitten adventurers, runaway slaves, and vicious cutthroats, and turned them into the most feared army in the Western Hemisphere. Sailing out from the English stronghold of Port Royal, Jamaica, “the wickedest city in the New World,” Morgan and his men terrorized Spanish merchant ships and devastated the cities where great riches in silver, gold, and gems lay waiting. His last raid, a daring assault on the fabled city of Panama, helped break Spain’s hold on the Americas forever. Awash with bloody battles, political intrigues, natural disaster, and a cast of characters more compelling, bizarre, and memorable than any found in a Hollywood swashbuckler—including the notorious pirate L’Ollonais, the soul-tortured King Philip IV of Spain, and Thomas Modyford, the crafty English governor of Jamaica—Empire of Blue Water brilliantly re-creates the passions and the violence of the age of exploration and empire. From the Hardcover edition.

Swashbuckling Faith

Swashbuckling Faith Author Tim Wesemann
ISBN-10 9780307562494
Year 2010-06-30
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Multnomah

Pirates, Patches, and Parrots! What unexpected markers do you find along your faith journey, ones that lead you closer to God? In Swashbuckling Faith , author and former pastor Tim Wesemann helps you find surprising doorways to God’s truth in the scenes and dialogue of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Created merely to entertain, these movies find Captain Jack Sparrow and his cohorts unintentionally leaving behind traces of truth ready to be explored and expanded in light of the Bible. Wesemann springboards from these glimpses to explore scriptural lessons on faith, prayer, contentment, spiritual warfare, forgiveness, hope, and much more. When your biblical perception starts finding treasures of truth in popular culture and everyday occurrences, you’ll set sail for the adventure of a lifetime! “Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please, sir.” Captain Jack Sparrow (that’s Johnny Depp, to you lovers of cinema) is the charming pirate in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies that buried Hollywood in gold. The films captured imaginations young and old, but now Tim Wesemann invites you to depart on an even greater adventure—for real! Following the treasure map of God’s Word, this dangerous exploration will reveal priceless gems of not-so-buried, no-so-pirate booty! You’ll uncover hidden traces of truth and priceless pearls of faith. Lessons on prayer, contentment, spiritual warfare, forgiveness, and hope will awaken you to messages your true Captain is conveying all around you. Because even a pirate movie, looked at through new lenses, can point the way to tangible riches of biblical truth. “Funny and whimsical with just a touch of sheer insanity.” Dr. Timothy Paul Jones Pastor and author of Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away “Shiver me timbers! As a parent of teens and preteens, I can’t wait to share these briny depths of faith and inspiration with my family!” Tricia Goyer Award-winning author of Life Interrupted “A veritable treasure trove of wisdom and piratey-good fun that’s not only entertaining to read, but draws you closer to God.” Mike Nappa Bestselling and award-winning author “Swashbuckling Faith is a fresh, funny, and surprisingly rich book that falls somewhere between a devotional and a pirate manual.” Dave Meurer Author of If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen “Full of life-changing, priceless gems from God’s Word. You’ll be ‘hooked!’” Rhonda Rhea Radio personality, humor columnist, author of Who Put the Cat in the Fridge Story Behind the Book Tim Wesemann is not a pirate, nor does he act as one on TV. While “swashbuckler” may not appear on his resume, he loves exploring for biblical treasure and often discovers it where you might least expect it—including a secular movie with pirates who pillage, plunder, and pilfer. Even scenes and dialogue from Pirates of the Caribbean served to help grow his faith in God. While the movie is a favorite in the Wesemann household, Tim also draws from past experiences as a pastor and his present insights as a fulltime Christian author and speaker. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Pirate Latitudes

Pirate Latitudes Author Michael Crichton
ISBN-10 9780007346103
Year 2009-11-16
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher HarperCollins UK

The new thriller from Michael Crichton, one of the most famous authors in the world, the most exciting, anticipated publication of Christmas 2009.

On Stranger Tides

On Stranger Tides Author Tim Powers
ISBN-10 9780857894601
Year 2011-05-01
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Atlantic Books Ltd

1718: Puppeteer John Chandagnac has set sail for Jamaica to recover his stolen inheritance, when his ship is seized by pirates. Offered the choice to join the crew, or be killed where he stands, he decides that a pirate's life is better than none at all. Now known as Jack Shandy, this apprentice buccaneer soon learns to handle a mainsail and wield a cutlass - only to discover he is now a subject of a Caribbean pirate empire ruled by one Edward Thatch, better known as Blackbeard. A practitioner of voodoo, Blackbeard is building an army of the living and the dead, to voyage together to search for the ultimate prize: the legendary Fountain of Youth.